About Us

urban style Authentic Romanian Enamelware

Enamelware manufactured in the same traditional manner since 1921 with modern twists to provide unique dining presentation. Food and Dishwasher Safe.

urban style Turkish Enamelware

Ideal for Hosting, Hospitality and Retail. Mussel Pots of different sizes in Red and Black and many different sized Large Round Platters. Food and Dishwasher Safe

urban style

The urban style range of Enamelware is imported from Asia selected for the quality and appeal.

Laguiole Silhouette

Brand new, different and special. This high quality product offers thicker stainless steel AND a unique design down the spine of the ABS handle. Once again this product is packaged in the Traditional Laguiole packaging with the Aubrac motif. SGS approved and manufactured by Ethically approved factories this product has all the selling features required. Dishawasher and Food Safe.

Laguiole Etiquette

Laguiole Etiquette is our premium range of stunning Laguiole Cutlery It features the Aubrac motif, inspired by the traditional designs originating from the Aubrac region in South-West France. This colourful, vibrantly designed product range can be used for all occasions with serving suggestions displayed on every pack. All of our Laguiole cutlery is the only SGS approved Laguiole available. Dishwasher and food safe.

 Urban Green

Our Urban Green brand is a range of bamboo boards that are available in all shapes and sizes. Due to increased ecological awareness, we use bamboo to produce our Urban Green range. The collection provides serveware for the home as well as restaurants and the hospitality industry. All of the products are FDA approved, utilising food safe materials.

222 Fifth

The 222 Fifth range is a collection of stunning trays, bowls, plates, platters and serving boards crafted from exception Acacia Wood. The same size boards or blows are stackable affording space saving. . The products are made in Java using Indonesian legal wood. The designs are  versatile making them perfect for all occasions and uses, e.g. serving on a buffet or displaying bathroom utilities for Hotels, B n B’s or Restaurants.


Cooking is a shared experience creating amazing aromas textures and senses. Cooking is not just about the quality of the ingredients and the skill of the cook but a key element is “quality kitchenware” Paella pans made in Spain in many sizes with Enamel finish or Carbon Steel finish give you a genuine Spanish experience.