Enamelware Fact Sheet

Enamel Products are still manufactured today using the original specifications and traditions highlighting the authenticity and uniqueness of each piece

Each piece is extruded from Carbon Steel, then washed prior to the enamelling process which is done entirely by hand using food safe enamel.

After each application the piece is fired so as to fuse the enamel glass particles onto the carbon steel or previously based colour. This process creates the gloss surface

Enamel is dishwasher safe

Even though enamel can chip it can still be safely used due to non-leaching properties of carbon steel. This characteristic gives the enamel piece the much sought-after vintage look, even when chipped enamel pieces can still be used, however drying is highly recommended

Enamel pieces are 100% recyclable, however porcelain when damaged is porous and needs to be disposed of in landfill as porcelain is not recyclable